Zod Complex

Can I play with you? I like to play. I play and play and play! That's why I need two brothers and a sister to keep up with me. Did I mention I like to play? I play with toys, feet, dental floss, my brother's tail, dogs, my food, your food... If I can bite it, chase it or throw it, I play with it.

And when I'm not playing, I'm a pensive, intellectual cat. I watch my humans from behind half-closed eyelids so I can outsmart them. Then there's the window. I like to look out at the big trees, dogs and cars and dream up schemes and plans to get out the front door to join them.

on 4 little paws



Our minions


Lost & Found

If one day my brothers and I should outsmart our humans (again), remove our collars and get into the streets, please call our vet at 514-766-8181. 

That's a picture of my two brothers, Clark and PZ4, chilling in the backyard. Big sister, Lara, was guarding the back door. 

Lara has hypnotized a few humans to make them do anything we want. Besides our live-in staff, we have fur-aunties, fur-gramma, a vet and a sitter to serve us.